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AMC Presentation Wizard builds self-displaying, interactive slide shows, catalogues, brochures, clickable advertisements, distributable portfolios and other multimedia Windows applications. Accomplish almost anything with a few mouse clicks. Your presentations will become Windows EXE files - executables that will display on any Windows system without additional software. Each page of your presentation can include pictures, animations, sounds, applets and Windows controls such as buttons, list boxes and clickable web page links. Your presentation pages can turn themselves or wait for user input. They can even talk to their readers. AMC Presentation Wizard from Alchemy Mindworks lets you use the features you require without the rest of it getting in your way. E-mail electronic photo albums to relatives, distribute advertisements with shippable products, allow users of your web site to download a multimedia catalog, show prospective clients samples of your work. We invite you to download a fully-functional evaluation copy and try it out. Transform your ideas into complete, professional presentations - no nasty digital stuff required.

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